General Information

At the Jump-Start Your Law Practice conference, each participant will learn from exceptional speakers and receive practical and useful materials that will guide them in starting their practice or taking an existing practice to new heights.

You will be motivated and inspired by our speakers almost all of whom are small firm or solo practitioners. You’ll learn how to:

●  Clarify the vision, purpose, and mission for your law practice
●  Define and develop your legal niche to match your greatest strengths and motivate you to be the best in that field
●  Project a likeable personality and acquire traits that will attract potential clients, who will eagerly seek you out to solve their legal problems
●  Network and market your practice to generate a stream of clients
●  Efficiently manage a solo law practice or small firm with limited resources and optimum results
●  Evaluate law practice technology and marketing companies to find those which add value to your business (within your budget)
●  Create systems and procedures for all office operations and client relations
●  Create a peer group or gain a mentor to encourage and guide you as you build your practice

At the Jump-Start Your Law Practice conference, Steve will be joined by guest speakers-- bestselling authors and exceptional solo and small-firm practitioners who will educate and inspire every lawyer aspiring to grow his or her practice. Each speaker will share their passion, knowledge, and experience necessary to equip you with essential tools and resources. Our speakers come from a wide variety of practice areas. Each found a unique path to success. So take advantage of their wisdom and use it to thrive in today’s competitive legal market.

The Jump-Start Your Law Practice speakers are firm believers that outstanding results come from being resourceful, informed, and decisive. To succeed in today’s market, you need to be strategic and innovative in business management and marketing. Our conference will help you discover where you are in your practice now and how you can create an action plan to reach your goals, grow your practice, and take your profits to new levels.

All in all, the Jump-Start Your Law Practice conference gives you the rare opportunity to learn from solo and small firm practitioners who are among the leaders in their field. You’re going to get an insider’s view of the law profession, the tips and techniques that propelled our guest speakers to the top. You’ll also learn what pitfalls to avoid. By the end of conference, you will have the information and strategies needed to compete in the competitive and potentially lucrative business of law.

So come to Indianapolis and join Steve and other forward-thinking solo and small firm lawyers. Allow them to lead you to the next step of your career as you become a success story in the profession and business of law.

CLE Credits

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Do I have to stay in the Westin?

No. But we have created an affordable room block at the Westin during the conference for our attendees. This room block allows attendees to stay in the Westin at the most affordable price in downtown Indianapolis. The hotel price includes a free continental breakfast every morning for all guests. Steve believes that one of the best benefits of staying in the host hotel at this conference is the atmosphere and camaraderie. Being able to mingle with the speakers, exhibitors, and other lawyers before and after the conference at the hotel is where relationships and connections are made. Here at our conference, we strongly believe in the power and importance of networking in person.

What exactly is included in the conference price?

For the conference price, you will have the opportunity to learn how to build your law practice from the ground up. Successful attorneys from all fields of law from across the country will be joining us to teach you what they wish they knew when they graduated from law school and later started their own law practice. Our exhibitors will be providing you with the opportunity to explore their products so that you will be better informed about systems to use in your own practice. The goal of this conference is that you will leave with a detailed roadmap, lasting motivation, and valuable connections necessary to build the law practice you have always envisioned.