About The Conference


NOVEMBER 16-18, 2017

Jump-Start Your Law Practice is a live 3 day event with Steve Adams, designed to provide the secrets to creating, building, or improving your own solo law practice or small law firm. You’ll network with lawyers from around the nation and listen to expert speakers who will give you their insider knowledge to thrive.

Using the principles in Steve’s new book Practice Law Like An Ironman, you’re going to unlock the forces within that can help you break through any fear to create the independence and the success you deserve. From start to finish, here’s an indispensable checklist book that provides every component needed to set up your office in record time. Whether you just graduated from law school or have been practicing for years, Jump-Start Your Law Practice seminar will move your professional career to the next level.

Steven did it—and so you can you. He left the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office after eight years when he decided to start his own criminal DUI defense and family law practice. He went from earning $42,000 a year to $240,000 in his first year going solo. Amazingly, he accomplished this with minimal overhead or the outlay of other business expenditures. And from that point forward, his practice became exponentially more lucrative, year after year, with a 2015 gross of over $1 million. You’ll see how he did it in at the seminar. In the end, Steve and his guest speakers will provide a sequential, logical approach to professional independence while giving you the flexibility to craft your own legal niche and brand.

What you will takeaway from the Jump-Start Conference:

Develop or Enhance Your Action-Oriented Mindset - Create the vision and mindset necessary for starting or improving all of the aspects of leading a successful law practice (planning, management, and marketing). Develop an action plan that you can follow step-by-step to reach your goals, provide exceptional service, and overcome obstacles.

Marketing Strategy - Learn to creatively and consistently deliver your unique message to the your ideal prospective clients. Differentiate your practice to address the core values of your target market. Become remarkable and memorable so that clients remember you at the time when they need your services. Learn strategies to keep existing clients in your practice, and acquire new clients for your practice –resulting in increased revenues.

Referrals Strategy – How to get and benefit from referrals. Learn about action steps you can take to improve your reputation and build a powerful referral base that results in a constant stream of new business. Referrals are not about who you know but all about who knows you, who likes you, and who trusts you.

Succeeding in the Business of Law – Design a roadmap for success using our step-by-step guides to develop a business plan and strategic marketing plan customized for the practice of law. An effective business plan keeps you focused on tasks that move your business forward toward your vision of success. A strategic marketing plan helps you fully define your niche within a practice area and identify ideal prospective clients with enough specificity to market to them effectively.

Law Practice Leadership and Management - Good management is about managing systems not people. Good hiring is about hiring the attitude and the aptitude and teaching the skills. Learn to develop systems to create a self-managing enterprise leaving you free to lead your team and practice to new heights.

Technology –Choosing the right law practice technology (management, cyber security, legal research databases, and digital marketing) from the beginning saves money and time and avoids the danger or expense of migrating later, breaches of confidentiality, or lost data. Hear directly from practitioners and technology providers  and identify which solution meets your needs in terms of cost, function, and the ability of the solution to grow with your practice. Avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong technology by learning from both providers and practitioners.

Steve's New Book

Steven R. Adams is the author of the book Practice Law Like An IronmanPractice Law Like An Ironman: Unbeatable Checklists For Any Lawyer Building A Small or Solo Practice.


“Until you face your fears, you don’t move to the other side, where you find the power.”

Mark Allen
Six-Time Ironman World Champion

Our Keynote

Renowned Small Business Marketing guru and Author of Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch will be our keynote speaker and will talk about how to develop your skills as an entrepreneur and execute plans that will give your business the life and longevity you knew you could have when you made that decision to go out on your own.


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